“The Cake” Chapter one


“Miaaaaaa. The cake”. Stacy was standing in the kitchen door and she had this look on her face which can be your biggest nightmare.
“Oh I forgot the cake in the oven” Mia was smiling like always when her cakes start to burn.
“You know Stacy, when I start to read a book I forget everything”.
Stacy smiled
“Oh yeah Mia. But you know Mrs Jones will come in 2 hours to get her cake”.
Mias big eyes got bigger “What! It was today ? Oh no I totally forgot it”.
“Yes it´s today. Now get up and make a new one. Hurry up”.
Mia got up and put the book on the table. It was her favorite book which Dave bought her on her birthday. “Will you come to Adams party tonight? Dave said he will pick us up”.
Mia was doing the dough for the cake “I don´t know. I want to stay at home tonight”
“Reading books?” Stacy was rolling her eyes “Young Lady! You will come to the party. And I bought you a new dress. You will look so beautiful. Ohh Mia you need a boyfriend”.
A boyfriend ? In the past 2 years many people told her that she needs a boyfriend. Especially Stacy. Mia was in a long relationship but after her boyfriend of 6 years cheated on her she decided not to fall in love again. It was a really hard time for her. She completely isolated herself from everything. She even didn’t open her bakery for 2 months. Love can hurt and Mia was totally destroyed after this. But with the help of Dave and Stacy she found her way back.
“Ok I´ll come. But Stacy please stop looking for a boyfriend for me. I´m tired of this and you know I promised myself that I´ll never fall in love again. So stop”.
Stacy knew if she starts to discuss w she won´t come to the party. And Stacy loves it to discuss with Mia.
“OK Ok Ok. I won´t. I promise you” . She had this smile on her face which makes Mia also smile. But Mia knew that Stacy would never stop.
After Mrs Jones came and got her cake, Mia and Stacy went home. On her way to home Mia was thinking about Elijah. Her ex boyfriend. It was strange for her because it was the first time that she was thinking about him after so long. She almost forgot him but now she was thinking about him. The guy who cheated on her, the guy who destroyed her. She was thinking so hard that she almost missed the phone call. It was Dave.
“Hey Dave”
“Hey Mia. Where are you ? I´ll pick you up in 20 min”.
“What ? I´m still on my way to home. And I have to take a shower”
“I don´t care girl. I love it when you smell like chocolate cakes”. Dave was laughing and hanged up…

Hope you like the first chapter 🙂 I tried my best not to make to much grammar mistakes haha 😉


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