“The Cake” Chapter two


Mia was standing in front of a big mirror in her bedroom. She was still thinking about if it’s a good idea to go to the party because she loves it to stay home at Sundays with books.  

Mia sighed “Oh Stacy sometimes I want to …”. Before she even said her last word Stacy entered the room. 

“Want to ??? Go on Mia” she was smiling  and in her right hand she had the dress. “Here is your dress. Wear it and come down. Dave is waiting outside”.
It was black, black with a golden strip on the waist.
“Uughhhhh… Ok I’m coming”. 
Mia was looking at the dress. Yeah it was beautiful and it would look great  on her but she wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. She was still thinking about if she should go to the party or not. It was one of the days where she just wants to be alone. Alone with books and chocolate. And yes today she wanted to stay home.
She went outside to Dave’s car and opened the door. He was starring at her with his green eyes and in the darkness they were like emeralds. 
“Where is your dress ?”
“Sorry guys but I’m not in the mood for a party. Maybe next time but not today”.
Stacy was looking at Dave “Ok Dave, Adam is waiting. Bye Mia. Have fun with your books !”
Yup she was mad but it was ok for Mia because Stacy can’t stay mad at her for a long time. She would talk to her again tomorrow. 
Mia went back to her apartment and sat on the big black couch. She sighed. She got up and went to her bedroom, took her book and laid down on the bed.  
Meanwhile at the party 
Dave and Stacy arrived at Adams Party. He lives in a villa with a big garden and of course the party was full with his guests. The music was loud and the people drunk. And that was exactly was Adam wanted. He loves it when people talk about his parties and his money. Yeah Adam is a Playboy. A guy who can get every girl with his money and his handsomeness. And he wanted Mia. He tried a lot to impress her with his money and his gifts but it didn’t work.
“Adam” Stacy hugged him and kissed his cheeks. 
“Hey babe. You look beautiful today” and kissed her back.
“Just today?” Stacy raised her left eyebrow. 
“Babe you always look beautiful but today … Man I don’t have words for you” and kissed her again. 
“Dude did you forget me” Dave smiled and and hugged Adam. 
“How can I forget my bro. What’s up. Did you get the job ?” 
“Yes. It was hard but I got it”
“The party is amazing like always. Are your parents back from Dubai?” 
“No my love they’re still there. Do you think I could make a party like this when they’re here” Adam laughed. “Where is Mia?”. 
Stacy rolled her eyes “What do you think?”
“Books and chocolate… Hmm ok. Let’s get a drink”. Adam guided Stacy and Dave to the bar… 


Yup that was chapter two 😀 hope you like it and sorry for the mistakes 😀 haha 


2 thoughts on ““The Cake” Chapter two

  1. Ooooh my goood ! It’s perfect. Just perfect. If you will ever publish a book, then I am going to be the first one who will get the book 😉 (Hurry up and write the 3rd chapter, I want to read it :D)

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