“The Cake” Chapter three



It was 8am in the morning when Mias phone rang.
With a sleepy voice she answered the phone call “Yeah”. 
“Damn girl. They say a boys sleepy voice is the sexiest thing but that’s now true. A girls sleeping voice is the sexiest thing” it was Adam. 
Oh Adam it’s you. It’s 8 am. I had an awesome dream and you woke me up”.
Adam laughed “Ohhhh I’m… Not sorry haha. Get up and come to my place for breakfast. Me, Dave and Stacy are waiting for you”. 
“Thanks but…”. 
“Don’t dare to say no. Be here in 30 minutes” and he hanged up. 
Ahhhh. Mia got up and went to the bathroom. She was looking into the mirror and her eyes were red because she couldn’t sleep last night. All she did was thinking about Elijah. But why ? Why was she thinking about the guy who cheated on her. Why now ? After all the pain he gave her ? She didn’t know the answer. 
After 15 minutes she went down to the parking lot and drove straight to Adams place. 
Dave, Stacy and Adam were waiting for her on the terrace. 
“Wow finally Mia” Adam got up from his chair and hugged her. 
It has been a long time since I saw you. Everything alright ?”. 
“Hmm yeah. Sorry Adam I could’t come last night . Hope you forgive me”. 
“Ah let’s forget this. I’m hungry. Dave give me a bagel“. Stacy wasn’t mad at Mia anymore. How can she stay mad at her best friend ? Mia was always the only one who was there for her. 
Stacy lost her family in a car accident 8 years ago. She was just 19 years old and during this hard time Mia became her best friend. Dave and Mia are friends since the elementary school. When he first saw her he was just 8 years old and Mia just 7. Although he was just a kid he felt deeply in love with her but he never told Mia about his feelings. He was afraid to tell her and he’s still afraid. Dave isn’t someone who can easily talk about his feelings especially when it’s about love. And after he saw how hurt Mia was when her boyfriend cheated on her he got more scared. 
 After eating breakfast Mia and Stacy went to “Blues Cake”. Mias bakery. 
Stacy. Last night I couldn’t sleep” Mia was looking at Stacy with a sad face and she knew there was something what bothers Mia. 
“Why? What’s wrong honey” Stacy took Mias hand. 
Elijah” Mia had tears and her hands were shaking. After so long it was the first time that she started to cry. She thought she forgot him and were over him but she was wrong. Last night she was thinking about him and now she was crying. Crying ? Why ? Why would she cry for a guy who cheated on her ? Stacy was was hugging her and she also had tears. Her best friend was still in love with her ex boyfriend. It breaks her heart to see Mia like this. 
“Mia. Please stop crying. It breaks my heart. I know honey it’s hard for you and you’re still not over him but please be strong. I can’t image your pain”. Stacy whipped her tears. 
I tried to get over him and I thought I’m over him but last night I realized I was wrong. I can’t believe it but I still love Elijah. I still love him” she got up and walked up and down in the kitchen. 
“Honey, come. Let’s go and wash your face. Then we can go home”. 
Stacy didn’t want to let Mia alone so they went to Stacys apartment. 
They ordered a pizza and Mia made a delicious chocolate cake. 
Stacy was laying on the ground and Mia on the couch. 
We need vacation” Stacy smacked. 
“Ahhh Stacy please talk when you finish eating” Mia smiled. 
Look I can make you smile” she ate her cake and smiled like a proud lion. 
Hmm yeah we really need vacation. Where should we go ? Paris ? London ?” 
“Nooooo! Dubai ! Adams parents are in Dubai now and they said it’s amazing!!”. 
“Dubai ? Sounds good. But now I just want to sleep.” Mia got up, gave Stacy a kiss on her cheek and went to bed.
The next day 
Mia wake up!!” Stacy was standing infront of Mia and jiggled her. 
“Oh Stacy. Why won’t you let me! What time is it” Mai could open her eyes because she was so tired.
Get up. Our flight is in 3 hours. We have to pack our suitcase” Stacy was almost screaming. 
“Wait what ?! Where are we going?” 
“Dubai ! Last night when you went to bed I booked our flight to Dubai”. 
You did what ?” Mia was mad but at the same time she was a bit happy. It wasn’t something new for her that Stacy did something like this again. Last year she booked flight tickets to Singapore without Mias permission and now Dubai. 
After two stressful hours they went to the airport. 
“Oh we forgot to tell Adam and Dave that we will be in Dubai for the next two weeks” Stacy took her phone and texted Dave. 
“Ups” Mia laughed… 



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