“The Cake” Chapter Four



It was 9:36 am in the morning when Mia and Stacy landed in Dubai. 
“Wow” Stacy took off her sunglasses and looked at the view. 
Hmm” Mia wasn’t really impressed. Yeah it’s hard to impress her. No matter what you do. But this time it would be different… 
The girls arrived at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The room which they got was luxuriously furnished and had a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf. 
Stacy laid down on the bed and Mia laid next to her. 
“Uffff” Mia took a deep breath. 
What’s wrong, Mia”. 
“Umm nothing”. 
“Come on. I know there is something”
“No really there is nothing. I just miss my bakery” Mia smiled “My cakes, my oven, my kitchen, my books…” Her voice was like she’s dreaming. 
Stacy laughed “Hahaha you’re hilarious. Forget all this things for 2 weeks. We will have so much fun here in Dubai. Just me and you. Like a married couple on their honey moon. Trust me girl”. 
“There is no doubt Stacy but please don’t do the things which you did last time” Mia was serious. 
What happened last time ? It was 2 years ago when Mia and Stacy went to Singapore. And again they shared the same room. Stacy always woke her up at 7 am in the mornings. When they went out for shopping Stacy suddenly disappeared and came back after 4 hours. Why ? Shoes !! When she sees shoes she forgets everything. She’s addicted to shoes. 
Everyone who knows Stacy knows how selfish she can be. When ever they go out she always just wants to do what she wants. She doesn’t care if Mia wants it or not. But this time Mia won’t let her to do this! 
“Ok I promise you I won’t do anything what will make you mad” oh yeah she had her evil smile on her face. 
It was almost 6 pm and the girls went out for dinner to an Arabian restaurant near the hotel. It was a small classic restaurant and full but they got a table for two. The waiter came and they ordered something what they never ate. 
“Why didn’t we go to a Chinese restaurant ?” Stacy was a little upset.
“Are you serious ? We’re in Dubai and you want to eat Chinese ?” Mia was laughing. 
The waiter came with a silver tray, rice and chicken. A typical Arabian dish. 
Wow that’s to much. How can we eat all this ?” Stacy was shocked because she never saw so much rice in her life.
Don’t talk and eat” Mia was serious. She hates it when Stacy complains about everything. No matter what it is she always finds something to complain about. 
Mia started to eat and Stacy was still looking at the at the silver tray.
Eat! It’s delicious. You will love it”
“Ehh I don’t know. I’m not hungry anymore. I mean that’s to much” Stacy was doubting that it will taste good but she ate a little. 
“And ?”
“Mmmm. It’s good. Totally different from the rice which we eat. And the chicken. Mmmm” yeah Stacy loved it. 
After a hour the girls went back to their hotel. In the lobby Stacy saw a young woman wearing a back dress and a black veil. It was weird for her because she never saw women in North Carolina wearing this or not even in the USA. Back in their room Stacy asked Mia if she also saw the woman. 
“Yes I saw her” Mia knew Stacy was curious and a litte shocked. Unfortunately Stacy isn’t someone who really knows about cultures and religions. Well you can say she’s a typical blond girl.
Why did she wear it ?” Stacy sat on the bed and she looked like an excited puppy. So cute.
“You know we’re in Dubai and the population here are all Muslims. And the woman in the lobby was wearing a Niqab.”
“Ahhh and why. I could just see her eyes”
„Yeah just her eyes. They wear it because it’s written in the Quran. We just saw her eyes but you saw how beautiful she was” Mia was smiling because she knew Stacy has learned something new. 
Yeah she had beautiful eyes. But I still don’t understand why she wore it” she scratched her head.
“To much for your brain Stacy” Mia was laughing…
Meanwhile in Monroe /North Carolina
Dave was thinking about Mia. Like always. He still loves her but he can’t tell her what he feels for her. He still has this fear that Mia won’t have the same feelings for him. But honestly Dave knew Mia just sees him as her best friend and nothing more. So how can he tell her ? He really miss her. It has been a long time since they spend some time together and now she’s in Dubai for two weeks. Being in love with a person for so long can really hurt. You’re always afraid that you will lose this person at any moment. You don’t know what can happen next. You want to tell this person your feelings but you can’t. You want to open your mouth and say “I love you” but you’re afraid of being rejected. It’s like a big lump in your throat.
Dave took his phone and was about to call Mia. But what will he tell her ? I love you ? I miss you ? No he can’t do this. He can’t just call her and tell her “I love you”. No not over the phone. But he can’t wait two weeks for her to come back. No he can wait ! He can do it ! It isn’t right to tell someone “I love you” over the phone. Ahhh this is to much for Dave.
His phone ranged. It was Adam. 
“Hey dude. Where are you ?”
“Hey Adam. I’m home. What about you ?”
“Oh I’m on my to you”…



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