“Jane’s Life” Chapter one


I miss you” ????? Oh really you miss me ?!?! Go and …. Calm down. Calm down Jane ! Ah you can’t believe me how much this makes me mad !! First he cheats on me and now he comes and says „I miss you“ hahaha this is so funny and stupid. I hate boys. I really do !!!!!!! No I’m not saying that all boys are the same. But I still hate them. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jane Miller and I’m 17 years old. I live in Los Angeles and I go to high school. Yeah I don’t really have an exciting life, but sometimes things happens to me and I’m just like „What the fuck“. Many people tell me that I’m crazy, because I often do and say crazy things. But come on guys! This is what makes me special and unique. And yes sometimes I can be arrogant and selfish but I don’t give a fuck. Ok now let me tell you what happened between me and my stupid asshole ex-boyfriend. Last year he asked me out for a date. First I didn’t really want to go because he is the captain of the high school football team and I’m just Jane. But if you have crazy friends like me you have no other choice. You have to go and embarrass yourself. So we went to the movies and guess what happened. First I spilled my coke over his jeans because I’m to stupid to walk. I thought he will get mad and leave me alone there. But he didn’t. He just laughed and said „Finally. I needed a new one“. Honestly if someone spills something over my jeans, shoes or what ever I would beat him up. No I really would do it. You don’t have eyes ?!? Can’t you walk ?!? You idiot. So let me tell you what happened after this. When the movie started I suddenly started to sneeze. Normal people sneeze just once or two times. But of course me the retarded fish sneezed 37 times in a row. Told you. Stupid weird things just happens to me. How can you watch a movie when you don’t stop to sneeze. A fat ass guy got mad and said  „Get the fuck out“. Come on fatty! Do you have to be rude ?!?! Matt got up and wanted to kick his fat ass but they  kicked us out of the movie. Perfect Date. Everyone wants a date like this. Oh god that was so awkward. But do you know what the weird thing is ? Matt said it was the most awesome date he ever had. First I thought he’s just making fun of me but he kissed me. Yeah he KISSED ME !! And it was my first kiss. Do you know I always wanted that my first kiss will be with the guy I’ve dating for months. But the asshole kissed me on our first catastrophic date. I’ve never forgave him for this even though it was a great kiss. His lips were softer as my lips. Yeah awkward but I still think he’s gay. Next time I’ll tell you how I found out that he was cheating on me. Oh my god !!! How can he cheat on me ???????

Yeah guys that was chapter one of my new story „The catastrophic life of Jane”. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions please just leave a comment 🙂

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