“Jane’s Life” Chapter two


Do you know how it feels when you see your boyfriend in the hallway kissing another girl ? You don’t know ? Well, it’s like a hard slap. Really hard. I mean you spend a whole year with the person you love. You trust him, you love him, you do everything with him. But suddenly, all this is gone. You don’t trust him, you don’t love him and you just want to distance yourself from him. But I never cried. Why would I waste my tears for an asshole like him ?! No ! Never !!! All I did was just pretending he never has exist. I ignored his calls and never looked at him at school or outside. I don’t want to lie so I’ll be honest with you. I really loved Matt. Sometimes he could be an asshole and I just insulted him. But if you really like someone every little thing they do is cute and no matter what it is. But cheating ? No you can’t forgive someone for this ! And if you do you’re stupid ! Why would you forgive someone who played with your feelings like playing a video game ? You aren’t stupid enough to do it ! Or ? No you’re not. It was last month when I found out that Matt cheated on me for two months. Two fucking months full of lies. And do you know with who ? Chloe ! She’s the captain of the cheerleader team. Oh yeah a blonde hot girl. Ok you cheat on me but why with the most beautiful and famous girl at school ? Come on that’s mean !

It was a Friday when I went to school very tired. I didn’t sleep well at night because I had weird dreams. My friend Ann was waiting for me in the hallway like very morning. I love her. She’s my best friend and I can’t get enough of her hugs. When she hugs you, you feel like you’re hugging a smoothie.Yeah her perfume smells like watermelon, sweet candy and chocolate. Oh yeah I love it.
She was looking at me and I knew something was wrong. She took my hands and said “Jane I have to tell you something but please don’t cry”. Ok that was the moment when I almost started to cry ! I thought something happened to one of my friends or to my family. But thanks god no. Ann told me that she saw Matt and Chloe kissing in the hallway and that he started to tell everyone that he never loved me. Oh yeah he did ! The weird thing is i wasn’t sad ! Really!!! But I don’t know why !
I was just mad and I felt really stupid for trusting an asshole like him. It was the biggest mistake I have made. And i totally regret it.
Now tell me what would you do or think ? Would you believe your best friend or no ? Well, I trust Ann more than I trust myself and I knew she would never tell me something which isn’t true. I can’t really remember what happened but I know that I went to Matt and saw him with Chloe. They both were kissing each other and when Matt saw me he hugged her and said ” Chloe you’re the best thing what happened to me” he had an ugly grin on his face. I got mad. I mean I really mad. Like Hulk. Yeah like Hulk !! My beats mode was on. I run straight to him and pulled him down. Gave him hard punch and his nose started to bleed. I’m not really someone who use her fists to solve problems but Matt really deserved this. Chloe was just looking at me and she knew she’s the next. So she run and didn’t look what’s in front of her and BAAAAM! Chloe was crying. She run against a locker and got a bump on her head. Oh yeah it was perfect and everyone started to laugh. But do you know what happened last week ? I heard that Chloe is pregnant and Matt left her for another girl. And yes I’m happy. They both got what they deserve. Come on Chloe ! Did you really think Matt would stay with you ? I mean he cheated on me to be with you. Do you really trust a guy who cheats to be with you ? Of course he will get bored of you and will look for another dumb girl ! Well, I call this KARMA !!!!
Ok I know it’s mean to be happy because Matt left her even though she’s pregnant but she really deserve this. It’s not the first time that she did something like this. Last year she slept with another guy even though she knew he has a girlfriend. And no I’m not just blaming Chloe ! I also blame Matt ! If you start not to have any feelings for your girlfriend just tell her. Of course it will hurt her a lot but it’s still better than cheating. The same also applies to the girls. Don’t cheat !!!! Just be honest with your partner and tell her or him what you feel or think about your relationship. There is nothing to be afraid of. If you think your relationship will not have an happy ending, break up! Really do it ! Of course I know it’s not something easy but believe me you and your partner will feel better after this. And I heard a lot that people break up because their boyfriend/girlfriend talks to other boys/girls. But why do you break up ? For me this isn’t cheating ! No it isn’t ! But if your partner starts to have secrets or if he/she deletes text messages from girls/boys it means he/she is already cheating…
Yeah this was chapter two 🙂 I hope you like it. And please if you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂
Oh I almost forgot. Happy Valentines Day ❤ but I think we don’t need Valentines Day to show our loved ones that we love them….

11 thoughts on ““Jane’s Life” Chapter two

  1. These two brief chapters show that you have the perfect ability of describing events in perfect details. Good job! Oh and it’s just my personal opinion, if this goes viral it would be better without cussing because many people get offended by these stuff.but again, good job . I’m waiting for the third Chapter 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. My English isn’t that good but I’m trying my best.
      Yeah I know I’m cussing a lot 😀 but this time I wanted to try and do something different. That’s why 😀

      • Your English isn’t bad.plus you are fully capable of describing the events as I said, you’re an aspiring writer 🙂 and you’re always welcome! Oh and by the way, change is good ;).

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