“Jane’s Life” Chapter three

Seriously there is something that I’ll never understand. Why the fuck do we girls always have problems with our appearance. „Oh I’m so fat“ or „Why can’t I be pretty like this Victoria Secret Models?“ are the most common sentences I hear. It makes me mad. I mean why do you want to look like someone else ? Why can’t you just accept the way you are. Yeah I know it’s not easy but it’s also not impossible.
I’m not gonna lie to you. Of course I also had some „Problems“ with my appearance. Especially when I was younger. Like every girl I had some serious problems with pimples. BAHHH DISGUSTING !!! Oh when I remember what I’ve done to hide the pimples I feel so ashamed.
I was 14 when I did the most stupid thing in the world. It was a Monday when I woke up to get ready for school (Yeah Fuck Mondays). I don’t know why but Monday are always depressive and weird. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and when I saw myself in the mirror I screamed. It was horrible ! I couldn’t believe it ! My face. It was full with pimples but the night before I went to bed there was nothing and now I had those red disgusting pimples. I started to cry because I knew if I go to school like this they all will laugh about me. Especially Rosie…
I had to think about something to make this pimples go. But what ? MAKE UP ! Yeah make up was he only solution I had but the problem was I never used it before. I wanted to ask my mum but she wasn’t home and how can I ask my dad for help ? He even doesn’t know what make up is. So I run to my parents bedroom and took her make up. Damn she has a lot of make up. I mean my mum is a beautiful woman and I never understood why she need all this weird stuff.
I went back to my bedroom and I tried to put on the make up. It was a weird feeling because I had a feeling like I’m growing up or something and that I look prettier. Weird. Anyways after 5 minutes I was done and went to school. In the school bus everyone was looking at me and I had no idea why and my face also started to itch. Imagine everyone in the bus is looking at you. How would you feel ? You’re starting to ask yourself a lot of questions „WTF I am wearing ?“ or „Is something wrong with my face ?“. And yes ! It was my face !!!!
The first thing I did was running to the bathroom when I arrived at school. And again when I saw myself in the mirror I started to scream ! How could I walk with this „FACE“. Oh my god so horrible. My face was red like a tomato and it started to burn like hell !! It was the first time in my life that I used make up and of course again something like that has to happen to me. Why always me ? I mean I’m a good girl, ok not always but seriously why ?? It started to itch and burn. I called my mum to pick me up and to take me to the hospital. While I run out of school I tried to hide my face behind my scarf. I was really afraid that Rosie will see me. She can be really mean ! Rosie loves to bully other students without a reason. Especially because of their appearance. Its not that I’m afraid of her its just I hate her ! I mean no one has the right to tell you you’re ugly or fat ! NO ONE !
At the hospital the doctor told me that I’m allergic to make up and that’s why my face started to burn and itch. Since then I never used make up again. And of course Rosie found out that I’m allergic to makeup and started to tell rumors about me.
In what kind of society do we live that people judge you by your look ? It makes me sick. „They judge you before they know you“ and this is true.
Every time when we turn on the TV we see beautiful skinny gils on commercials and TV shows where they look for the prettiest and skinniest supermodel. And with skinny I mean „emaciated“. It’s terrifying.
Sometimes I ask myself if they even eat ? The sad thing is that little girls and teenagers see it. They think it’s normal to look like them. And often they starve themselves to dead. They want to feel pretty. They want to wear small sized cloths. And why ? Because we force them. We do ! With all the commercial and advertising posters. Why can’t they just show the reality ? I mean all the girls in the commercials are wearing tons of makeup and of course that’s not enough for them ! They also use PHOTOSHOP to make the models skinnier and prettier for their fake commercials !!!! Everything what we see in TV is a lie. A big fat lie! And then they wonder why so many teenagers have depressions and anorexia !
Of course it’s not just all the commercials about makeup and supermodels. Did you ever hear something about DIET PILLS ? The wonder pills which you take to lose weight in just 2 weeks. FAKE PILLS ! What do you think how many people dies every year because of them ? Thousands of teenagers and adults. Every year! That’s sad. I mean they want to lose weight as soon as possible but then… But we can change all this! We can do it if we finally accept people the way they are. A good personality is 10000 times more important than a good appearance. I really hope that society will see it… You’re beautiful the way you are and don’t listen to anyone who says you’re ugly ! You’re not ugly ! Society is! BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE AND DON’T LISTEN TO SOCIETY


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