Thank you <3



Wow ! I never thought that so many people from different countries will really read my stories. I’m speechless and really proud of myself (no I’m not arrogant !! ). When I first started to do my blog I said to myself “Come on ! No one will read it” but now I just laugh about it :D. Usually when I start doing something I get bored and I never do it again , but this time it was different. Now it has been almost 5 months and I’m still trying my best to do less mistakes ( you know I’m not a native english speaker). I hope you guys will always support me and force me to continue the stories 😀 I know it has been a while since I uploaded the next chapter of “Jane’s Life” but tomorrow I will upload it. Thank you so much readying my stories even though they’re not good hahaha 😀

If you have any suggestions or questions just comment below

-kekem ❤


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