“Janes’s Life” Chapter 4


Video games and Football. I’m pretty sure the first thing what comes to your mind is „GUYS STUFF“. Yeah many people say it’s just for guys and when a girl plays video games she’s a tomboy. Seriously ?!?! Just because a girl plays video games she’s like a guy ?! Aha. So that means when a guy wears pink he must be gay ? You see it’s stupid. There is so no sign or anything on the box wich say „ONLY FOR BOYS“. And honestly if there were a sign on the boxes I would still buy it. Do you really thing I care about what others think ? NOOOO I don’t.
Once I went to a game shop to buy me the new GTA V. Oh it’s such a „VIOLENT“ game. All the guns, blood and drugs. If you start playing it you will turn into a „GANGSTER“. Ohh all this prejudices are driving me crazy.
When I went to the cashier he gave me a weird look and asked „Do you want me to put it in a gift bag ?“ I raised my right eyebrow and asked „Why the fuck would you put it in a gift bag when its for me ? It’s not that I’m buying myself a gift“ Yeah I was mad and no I don’t always talk like this people who are older than me but he forced me !!! Ja he did!!! Just because I’m buying a video game which is for „GUYS“ doesn’t mean it’s not for me.
I can play what ever I want and just because some people say it’s stupid I won’t stop as long as I have fun.
But do you know there is something what always makes me laugh. „VIDEO GAMES MAKES YOU A KILLER“. Aha interesting. So that means if you play a simulation game in which you can be a doctor and do surgeries you will be a doctor ? Awesome. From now on I’ll just play it to become a doctor. Oh god ! Stupid !
But I hope you know that there are many studies which has proven that video games can improve your hand-eye coordination. For example gamers who play more video games tend to be more attune to their surroundings while driving down a residential street, where they may be more likely to see a child who’s running after a ball than a non-video gamer. The studies also have shown that gamers have increased visual awareness and can track objects visually 30% better than a non gamer. They also say that games can be used to rehabilitate the visually impaired and help train soldiers preparing for war. So that means that games are certainly good training for people in situations where they need to detect things in their visual environment at any time in any location, like ground troops going through uncharted territory. Isn’t that awesome ?
That’s only two of the benefits of improved hand-eye coordination associated with gaming. And no I’m not saying „ YEAHHH EVERYONE HAS TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES. THAT’S THE BEST SHIT EVER“. Of course there are some bad sides of playing too much video games. For example I know a lot of guys who spend more than 12 hours playing video games. I would never do this ! I mean if you spend more than 12 hours for video games, how will you do your homework ? How will you study ? How will you spend time with friends and family ? They completely isolate themselves. When I play video games, it’s just for an hour and not 12 hours !!!
The same thing happens to me when I watch football.“Are you a guy ? Or why are you watching football ?“ every damn time. Come on guys !! Who said football is only for boys ? There are a lot of female football players and they’re very successful. And football is a sport which link people from all over the world together. All races and all religions are together. They play together, they win together and they lose together.
And the atmosphere in a football stadium is unbelievable. The fans scream and celebrate the goals and the victories together. It’s amazing. When your favorite player scores a goal against the rival team you have to scream and celebrate. Especially when it’s a derby. Last week Real Madrid played against FC Barcelona. Both of them are the strongest team in the Spanish football league. It was the final match in the Copa del Rey and Real Madrid won with 2 goals. When Madrid scores the first goal I couldn’t stop dancing. Yeah it sounds stupid but when I watch football I get to much adrenaline in my blood. I scream and swear when a player doesn’t score or doesn’t play well. Football is a very exciting game because you never know who will win and who will lose. It’s a sport with many surprises. When Gareth Bale scored the final goal I almost cried. It was amazing and I could’t believe that we have won the Copa del Rey when Iker Casillas hold the Copa in the air. The players hugged each other and danced on the football yard. And even the players from the rival team congratulated the Madrid players. It’s all about respect. If you don’t respect the rival team you’re wrong here. There is no place for racism. You can say that football is a big family and it’s not only for boys. And there are a lot of football players who started playing football on the streets as a kid and now they earn millions of Dollars in a month. I love football since I’m a little girl and I’ll always support my team Real Madrid. I don’t care if people say it’s only for guys. And you should do the same. As long as you have fun with doing what you like you should’t listen to others.


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