The Promise 1


He was standing there and I still couldn’t believe it. How was this even possible ? We didn’t see each other for 10 years and now he was standing at my doormat. 10 years of pain and sadness. And I still have pain when I think about it.
He was still handsome and he still had this smile on his face when ever he saw me. He didn’t change and his brown eyes were shining and I could see that  he was afraid.
„Kekem it’s me Saad“ even his voice didn’t change. It was so good to hear his voice again. It was like music to me. I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I didn’t want him to see how weak I became. Like always I wanted to show him that I’m strong, stronger than him. He was looking at me and I knew he wanted me to say something. But what ? All I said was “I know” I tried to sound cool like always I did when I was about to cry.
We stood there for a while without saying anything. Then my little soon woke up and started to cry. I went to his bedroom and picked him up, gave him a kiss and turned around. Suddenly Saad was standing in the middle of the room and said “I always knew you would have a son” he came closer to me and tried to take him but I gave him a slap. “Don’t dare to touch him again”
His right cheek got red and he was confused “Yes you’re still strong like a lion”. I tried not to smile and asked him “What do you want from me ? It has been 10 years and suddenly you ring my doorbell. Why now ?”. Honestly I was afraid to hear the answer. I mean it has been 10 years that I saw him and talked to him. All I wanted to do was hugging him. I wanted to feel his strong arms around me.
„I don’t know. I really don’t know why I’m here right now. Kekem I never stopped to think about you. I swear you never…“ he was looking me straight in the eye and I knew he wasn’t lying. He never lied to me, except once. And I’ll never forgive him for this. I put my little son back in his bed and walked into the living room. I sat down on the couch and he next to me. I had tears and started to cry. Saad wanted to hug me but I said „Don’t touch me !!“ but I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to hug me like he used too. I wanted him to kiss me.
Ok sorry I won’t touch you again. But let me explain why I’m here. Let me talk to you.“ I couldn’t believe it. „Wait !! I just asked you why you’re here and you said I don’t know but now you say let me explain ? You still can’t get enough of making me mad“ I was mad raised my voice „You should go!“.
„Still the old Kekem. Still the stubborn girl. I knew you would never change“ he smiled a little but tried to hide it. „Oh believe me I’ve changed a lot. I’m not that stupid girl anymore which will believe every thing you say. Now go“. Saad got up and looked at me. He wanted to stay and tell me what happened that night but I knew I couldn’t handle the truth. „Okay I’ll go now but I’ll come back. We need to talk and I’ll explain you why I’ve left you alone that night. I promise you I’ll“ he got up and went to the door. I went to the window and watched how he drove away with his car. I sat down and started to cry. I couldn’t stop for the next 15 min. He was back and he still loved me. But why did he come back ? I know I didn’t let him to talk but believe me you would do the same. In the past 10 years I suffered a lot and 5 months ago my husband committed suicide because of tax evasion. He was a very successful business man and he helped me a lot when I was at the college. With his support I finished college and became a successful architect and a mother. I never  really loved him. I know this sounds like I just used him in a bad way but I didn’t. I was just 21 years old when we met and he was 32. He was there for me when no one else was. I told him about Saad and he listened to me. I cried in his arms and I knew he wouldn’t question anything. We never had a fight or something like that. He always gave me more than I deserved. He was a perfect husband which every women wants but I never was happy. He gave me a house, money, my own office and two wonderful children. I have a 3 years old daughter named Dalal and a 9 months old little son named Noah. I love them more than anything else in this world. It’s painful to know that they have to grow up without a father but I know I can raise them up with my love. Sometimes I miss Aiden but then I ask myself why. He left me and my children alone. But I don’t have the right to get mad at him because he did a lot for me, more than anyone else. At night when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about a lot. To be honest I was thinking about Saad and all the wonderful moments I had with him when we were at high school and about why he came back after 10 years. I wanted to know it but I didn’t want to call him. I didn’t want him to know that I still love him. When I woke up in the morning the security man from our apartment called me and told me that there was a guy in a black BMW next to my parking lot. It was Saad…


So that was my new story and I really hope you like it 🙂 if you have any questions or suggestions just comment below.


4 thoughts on “The Promise 1

  1. Nice 🙂 Maybe you want to give Saad a chance to explain why he did what he did ten years ago. Maybe it’s time you forgive and forget, and look at how bright the future may be. Best!

    • Thank you 🙂 in the next chapters Saad will try to explain why he has left kekem. And I think I’ll publish chapter 2 this week

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