“Jane’s Life” Chapter three

Seriously there is something that I’ll never understand. Why the fuck do we girls always have problems with our appearance. „Oh I’m so fat“ or „Why can’t I be pretty like this Victoria Secret Models?“ are the most common sentences I hear. It makes me mad. I mean why do you want to look like someone else ? Why can’t you just accept the way you are. Yeah I know it’s not easy but it’s also not impossible.
I’m not gonna lie to you. Of course I also had some „Problems“ with my appearance. Especially when I was younger. Like every girl I had some serious problems with pimples. BAHHH DISGUSTING !!! Oh when I remember what I’ve done to hide the pimples I feel so ashamed.
I was 14 when I did the most stupid thing in the world. It was a Monday when I woke up to get ready for school (Yeah Fuck Mondays). I don’t know why but Monday are always depressive and weird. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and when I saw myself in the mirror I screamed. It was horrible ! I couldn’t believe it ! My face. It was full with pimples but the night before I went to bed there was nothing and now I had those red disgusting pimples. I started to cry because I knew if I go to school like this they all will laugh about me. Especially Rosie…
I had to think about something to make this pimples go. But what ? MAKE UP ! Yeah make up was he only solution I had but the problem was I never used it before. I wanted to ask my mum but she wasn’t home and how can I ask my dad for help ? He even doesn’t know what make up is. So I run to my parents bedroom and took her make up. Damn she has a lot of make up. I mean my mum is a beautiful woman and I never understood why she need all this weird stuff.
I went back to my bedroom and I tried to put on the make up. It was a weird feeling because I had a feeling like I’m growing up or something and that I look prettier. Weird. Anyways after 5 minutes I was done and went to school. In the school bus everyone was looking at me and I had no idea why and my face also started to itch. Imagine everyone in the bus is looking at you. How would you feel ? You’re starting to ask yourself a lot of questions „WTF I am wearing ?“ or „Is something wrong with my face ?“. And yes ! It was my face !!!!
The first thing I did was running to the bathroom when I arrived at school. And again when I saw myself in the mirror I started to scream ! How could I walk with this „FACE“. Oh my god so horrible. My face was red like a tomato and it started to burn like hell !! It was the first time in my life that I used make up and of course again something like that has to happen to me. Why always me ? I mean I’m a good girl, ok not always but seriously why ?? It started to itch and burn. I called my mum to pick me up and to take me to the hospital. While I run out of school I tried to hide my face behind my scarf. I was really afraid that Rosie will see me. She can be really mean ! Rosie loves to bully other students without a reason. Especially because of their appearance. Its not that I’m afraid of her its just I hate her ! I mean no one has the right to tell you you’re ugly or fat ! NO ONE !
At the hospital the doctor told me that I’m allergic to make up and that’s why my face started to burn and itch. Since then I never used make up again. And of course Rosie found out that I’m allergic to makeup and started to tell rumors about me.
In what kind of society do we live that people judge you by your look ? It makes me sick. „They judge you before they know you“ and this is true.
Every time when we turn on the TV we see beautiful skinny gils on commercials and TV shows where they look for the prettiest and skinniest supermodel. And with skinny I mean „emaciated“. It’s terrifying.
Sometimes I ask myself if they even eat ? The sad thing is that little girls and teenagers see it. They think it’s normal to look like them. And often they starve themselves to dead. They want to feel pretty. They want to wear small sized cloths. And why ? Because we force them. We do ! With all the commercial and advertising posters. Why can’t they just show the reality ? I mean all the girls in the commercials are wearing tons of makeup and of course that’s not enough for them ! They also use PHOTOSHOP to make the models skinnier and prettier for their fake commercials !!!! Everything what we see in TV is a lie. A big fat lie! And then they wonder why so many teenagers have depressions and anorexia !
Of course it’s not just all the commercials about makeup and supermodels. Did you ever hear something about DIET PILLS ? The wonder pills which you take to lose weight in just 2 weeks. FAKE PILLS ! What do you think how many people dies every year because of them ? Thousands of teenagers and adults. Every year! That’s sad. I mean they want to lose weight as soon as possible but then… But we can change all this! We can do it if we finally accept people the way they are. A good personality is 10000 times more important than a good appearance. I really hope that society will see it… You’re beautiful the way you are and don’t listen to anyone who says you’re ugly ! You’re not ugly ! Society is! BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE AND DON’T LISTEN TO SOCIETY


“Jane’s Life” Chapter two


Do you know how it feels when you see your boyfriend in the hallway kissing another girl ? You don’t know ? Well, it’s like a hard slap. Really hard. I mean you spend a whole year with the person you love. You trust him, you love him, you do everything with him. But suddenly, all this is gone. You don’t trust him, you don’t love him and you just want to distance yourself from him. But I never cried. Why would I waste my tears for an asshole like him ?! No ! Never !!! All I did was just pretending he never has exist. I ignored his calls and never looked at him at school or outside. I don’t want to lie so I’ll be honest with you. I really loved Matt. Sometimes he could be an asshole and I just insulted him. But if you really like someone every little thing they do is cute and no matter what it is. But cheating ? No you can’t forgive someone for this ! And if you do you’re stupid ! Why would you forgive someone who played with your feelings like playing a video game ? You aren’t stupid enough to do it ! Or ? No you’re not. It was last month when I found out that Matt cheated on me for two months. Two fucking months full of lies. And do you know with who ? Chloe ! She’s the captain of the cheerleader team. Oh yeah a blonde hot girl. Ok you cheat on me but why with the most beautiful and famous girl at school ? Come on that’s mean !

It was a Friday when I went to school very tired. I didn’t sleep well at night because I had weird dreams. My friend Ann was waiting for me in the hallway like very morning. I love her. She’s my best friend and I can’t get enough of her hugs. When she hugs you, you feel like you’re hugging a smoothie.Yeah her perfume smells like watermelon, sweet candy and chocolate. Oh yeah I love it.
She was looking at me and I knew something was wrong. She took my hands and said “Jane I have to tell you something but please don’t cry”. Ok that was the moment when I almost started to cry ! I thought something happened to one of my friends or to my family. But thanks god no. Ann told me that she saw Matt and Chloe kissing in the hallway and that he started to tell everyone that he never loved me. Oh yeah he did ! The weird thing is i wasn’t sad ! Really!!! But I don’t know why !
I was just mad and I felt really stupid for trusting an asshole like him. It was the biggest mistake I have made. And i totally regret it.
Now tell me what would you do or think ? Would you believe your best friend or no ? Well, I trust Ann more than I trust myself and I knew she would never tell me something which isn’t true. I can’t really remember what happened but I know that I went to Matt and saw him with Chloe. They both were kissing each other and when Matt saw me he hugged her and said ” Chloe you’re the best thing what happened to me” he had an ugly grin on his face. I got mad. I mean I really mad. Like Hulk. Yeah like Hulk !! My beats mode was on. I run straight to him and pulled him down. Gave him hard punch and his nose started to bleed. I’m not really someone who use her fists to solve problems but Matt really deserved this. Chloe was just looking at me and she knew she’s the next. So she run and didn’t look what’s in front of her and BAAAAM! Chloe was crying. She run against a locker and got a bump on her head. Oh yeah it was perfect and everyone started to laugh. But do you know what happened last week ? I heard that Chloe is pregnant and Matt left her for another girl. And yes I’m happy. They both got what they deserve. Come on Chloe ! Did you really think Matt would stay with you ? I mean he cheated on me to be with you. Do you really trust a guy who cheats to be with you ? Of course he will get bored of you and will look for another dumb girl ! Well, I call this KARMA !!!!
Ok I know it’s mean to be happy because Matt left her even though she’s pregnant but she really deserve this. It’s not the first time that she did something like this. Last year she slept with another guy even though she knew he has a girlfriend. And no I’m not just blaming Chloe ! I also blame Matt ! If you start not to have any feelings for your girlfriend just tell her. Of course it will hurt her a lot but it’s still better than cheating. The same also applies to the girls. Don’t cheat !!!! Just be honest with your partner and tell her or him what you feel or think about your relationship. There is nothing to be afraid of. If you think your relationship will not have an happy ending, break up! Really do it ! Of course I know it’s not something easy but believe me you and your partner will feel better after this. And I heard a lot that people break up because their boyfriend/girlfriend talks to other boys/girls. But why do you break up ? For me this isn’t cheating ! No it isn’t ! But if your partner starts to have secrets or if he/she deletes text messages from girls/boys it means he/she is already cheating…
Yeah this was chapter two 🙂 I hope you like it. And please if you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂
Oh I almost forgot. Happy Valentines Day ❤ but I think we don’t need Valentines Day to show our loved ones that we love them….

“Jane’s Life” Chapter one


I miss you” ????? Oh really you miss me ?!?! Go and …. Calm down. Calm down Jane ! Ah you can’t believe me how much this makes me mad !! First he cheats on me and now he comes and says „I miss you“ hahaha this is so funny and stupid. I hate boys. I really do !!!!!!! No I’m not saying that all boys are the same. But I still hate them. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jane Miller and I’m 17 years old. I live in Los Angeles and I go to high school. Yeah I don’t really have an exciting life, but sometimes things happens to me and I’m just like „What the fuck“. Many people tell me that I’m crazy, because I often do and say crazy things. But come on guys! This is what makes me special and unique. And yes sometimes I can be arrogant and selfish but I don’t give a fuck. Ok now let me tell you what happened between me and my stupid asshole ex-boyfriend. Last year he asked me out for a date. First I didn’t really want to go because he is the captain of the high school football team and I’m just Jane. But if you have crazy friends like me you have no other choice. You have to go and embarrass yourself. So we went to the movies and guess what happened. First I spilled my coke over his jeans because I’m to stupid to walk. I thought he will get mad and leave me alone there. But he didn’t. He just laughed and said „Finally. I needed a new one“. Honestly if someone spills something over my jeans, shoes or what ever I would beat him up. No I really would do it. You don’t have eyes ?!? Can’t you walk ?!? You idiot. So let me tell you what happened after this. When the movie started I suddenly started to sneeze. Normal people sneeze just once or two times. But of course me the retarded fish sneezed 37 times in a row. Told you. Stupid weird things just happens to me. How can you watch a movie when you don’t stop to sneeze. A fat ass guy got mad and said  „Get the fuck out“. Come on fatty! Do you have to be rude ?!?! Matt got up and wanted to kick his fat ass but they  kicked us out of the movie. Perfect Date. Everyone wants a date like this. Oh god that was so awkward. But do you know what the weird thing is ? Matt said it was the most awesome date he ever had. First I thought he’s just making fun of me but he kissed me. Yeah he KISSED ME !! And it was my first kiss. Do you know I always wanted that my first kiss will be with the guy I’ve dating for months. But the asshole kissed me on our first catastrophic date. I’ve never forgave him for this even though it was a great kiss. His lips were softer as my lips. Yeah awkward but I still think he’s gay. Next time I’ll tell you how I found out that he was cheating on me. Oh my god !!! How can he cheat on me ???????

Yeah guys that was chapter one of my new story „The catastrophic life of Jane”. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions please just leave a comment 🙂

New Story :D


Hey guys 🙂

Yeah I’ve started with a new story and this time I’ll really do my best. I promise you 😀 The new story will be different and I want to upload a new chapter every week but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for it 😦  I had the idea to write it like a diary but I’m still not sure. The story will be about a girl named Jane Miller and her problems at school, with her friends, with her parents and of course boys 😀 ( I’m not really interested in boys, so don’t blame me if I write weird and nonsensical things 😀 haha ) Yeah typical teenager problems. I really hope that this time it will be good. But honestly I still have some doubts 😦  So yeah if you have any ideas or suggestions pleaseeeee comment.



Hey guys 🙂

As you have already noticed it has been a long that I’ve uploaded the next chapter of my story “The Cake”. Well, let me be honest with you. I have no idea how I can continue the next chapters. Really I have no idea and this makes me mad. Really mad. !!! I’ll start as soon as possible with a new story which will be better 😀  But come on guys, we all know I’ll fail again :D. If you have any ideas or some advices for me just comment.

kekem 🙂

“The Cake” Chapter Four



It was 9:36 am in the morning when Mia and Stacy landed in Dubai. 
“Wow” Stacy took off her sunglasses and looked at the view. 
Hmm” Mia wasn’t really impressed. Yeah it’s hard to impress her. No matter what you do. But this time it would be different… 
The girls arrived at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The room which they got was luxuriously furnished and had a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf. 
Stacy laid down on the bed and Mia laid next to her. 
“Uffff” Mia took a deep breath. 
What’s wrong, Mia”. 
“Umm nothing”. 
“Come on. I know there is something”
“No really there is nothing. I just miss my bakery” Mia smiled “My cakes, my oven, my kitchen, my books…” Her voice was like she’s dreaming. 
Stacy laughed “Hahaha you’re hilarious. Forget all this things for 2 weeks. We will have so much fun here in Dubai. Just me and you. Like a married couple on their honey moon. Trust me girl”. 
“There is no doubt Stacy but please don’t do the things which you did last time” Mia was serious. 
What happened last time ? It was 2 years ago when Mia and Stacy went to Singapore. And again they shared the same room. Stacy always woke her up at 7 am in the mornings. When they went out for shopping Stacy suddenly disappeared and came back after 4 hours. Why ? Shoes !! When she sees shoes she forgets everything. She’s addicted to shoes. 
Everyone who knows Stacy knows how selfish she can be. When ever they go out she always just wants to do what she wants. She doesn’t care if Mia wants it or not. But this time Mia won’t let her to do this! 
“Ok I promise you I won’t do anything what will make you mad” oh yeah she had her evil smile on her face. 
It was almost 6 pm and the girls went out for dinner to an Arabian restaurant near the hotel. It was a small classic restaurant and full but they got a table for two. The waiter came and they ordered something what they never ate. 
“Why didn’t we go to a Chinese restaurant ?” Stacy was a little upset.
“Are you serious ? We’re in Dubai and you want to eat Chinese ?” Mia was laughing. 
The waiter came with a silver tray, rice and chicken. A typical Arabian dish. 
Wow that’s to much. How can we eat all this ?” Stacy was shocked because she never saw so much rice in her life.
Don’t talk and eat” Mia was serious. She hates it when Stacy complains about everything. No matter what it is she always finds something to complain about. 
Mia started to eat and Stacy was still looking at the at the silver tray.
Eat! It’s delicious. You will love it”
“Ehh I don’t know. I’m not hungry anymore. I mean that’s to much” Stacy was doubting that it will taste good but she ate a little. 
“And ?”
“Mmmm. It’s good. Totally different from the rice which we eat. And the chicken. Mmmm” yeah Stacy loved it. 
After a hour the girls went back to their hotel. In the lobby Stacy saw a young woman wearing a back dress and a black veil. It was weird for her because she never saw women in North Carolina wearing this or not even in the USA. Back in their room Stacy asked Mia if she also saw the woman. 
“Yes I saw her” Mia knew Stacy was curious and a litte shocked. Unfortunately Stacy isn’t someone who really knows about cultures and religions. Well you can say she’s a typical blond girl.
Why did she wear it ?” Stacy sat on the bed and she looked like an excited puppy. So cute.
“You know we’re in Dubai and the population here are all Muslims. And the woman in the lobby was wearing a Niqab.”
“Ahhh and why. I could just see her eyes”
„Yeah just her eyes. They wear it because it’s written in the Quran. We just saw her eyes but you saw how beautiful she was” Mia was smiling because she knew Stacy has learned something new. 
Yeah she had beautiful eyes. But I still don’t understand why she wore it” she scratched her head.
“To much for your brain Stacy” Mia was laughing…
Meanwhile in Monroe /North Carolina
Dave was thinking about Mia. Like always. He still loves her but he can’t tell her what he feels for her. He still has this fear that Mia won’t have the same feelings for him. But honestly Dave knew Mia just sees him as her best friend and nothing more. So how can he tell her ? He really miss her. It has been a long time since they spend some time together and now she’s in Dubai for two weeks. Being in love with a person for so long can really hurt. You’re always afraid that you will lose this person at any moment. You don’t know what can happen next. You want to tell this person your feelings but you can’t. You want to open your mouth and say “I love you” but you’re afraid of being rejected. It’s like a big lump in your throat.
Dave took his phone and was about to call Mia. But what will he tell her ? I love you ? I miss you ? No he can’t do this. He can’t just call her and tell her “I love you”. No not over the phone. But he can’t wait two weeks for her to come back. No he can wait ! He can do it ! It isn’t right to tell someone “I love you” over the phone. Ahhh this is to much for Dave.
His phone ranged. It was Adam. 
“Hey dude. Where are you ?”
“Hey Adam. I’m home. What about you ?”
“Oh I’m on my to you”…


10 Signs That They’re Really Your Best Friend

Candid Thoughts

As humans, it’s almost unavoidable, we all make friends and somewhere down the line we start to differentiate between “friends” and “best friends.” But what exactly is a best friend? For starters, a friend to yours truly is nothing more than an associate. Someone that you see from time to time that you don’t hate, but don’t necessarily need in your life either. A best friend is that much more harder to define though. Many people have different standards that they hold these special people to in their lives. I’ve taken the liberty to put together a list of 10 simple characteristics that EVERY best friend should portray in one way or another, and they are as follows:

1) They tend to take on your problems as their own.

That is to say, whenever you tell them about something that is bothering or troubling you, not only do they reply…

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